Our Platform-as-a-Service cloud connective framework provides a benefits marketplace that connects products to Members via multiple technology plug-ins that provides significant growth for integrators.


Platform-as-a-Service Framework


+ Premium-based insurance products sold on platform as part of a FIMC Product Plan

+ Provides carriers with experience related exposure data

+ Connects carriers to member distribution


+ View their current product memberships and benefits

+ Utilize products from vendors and make claims against current benefits

+ Renew products & purchase additional products


+ Allows vendors to service members and maintain service levels defined by FIMC

+ Extends already popular service vendors extending marketplace

+ Connects vendor data between products, members and utilization


+ Members make claims, check on payment status easily interfaced with current TPA claims processing

+ Connects with TPA’s with secure, confidential claims processing

+ Data utilization metrics assisting clients and members


+ Non-premium based products sold on platform as part of a FIMC Product Plan

+ Provides suppliers with extensive market distribution capacity with financial products

+ Manages all financial transactions for suppliers


+ Enroll members and sell products

+ Market to clients based on utilization

+ Open products to other marketplace members

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