Marketing as a Service

FIMC provides partners seamless multi-channel engagement from day one, driving increased customer satisfaction, product value-perception and lifetime value.

Multi-Channel Engagement from Day One

FIMC offers a proven member engagement and acquisition platform for capturing and retaining new business.

Content for Enhanced Engagement

Leverage FIMC’s portfolio of discounts and promotions, as well as helpful content like ways to save, tips for home, pet and car owners, and more, to customize the member journey and make membership engagement an everyday activity.

Marketing Mix Optimization

Multi-channel engagement strategies are continuously optimized based on partner objectives, customer profiles, target demographics and other collaboratively-defined KPIs.

Reporting, Data & Insights

We provide real-time access to omnichannel sales, claims and engagement metrics, with actionable insights and ongoing optimizations.

Full-Service Marketing Support

Leverage FIMC’s dedicated marketing and operations team, each with significant financial services and insurance experience, as your outsources in-house marketing team. Our agile solutions enable you to seamlessly operationalize mobile-first multi-channel customer engagement from day one.


Leverage over 1M active email address in current customer base for cross selling.

Likely Buyers

FIMC provides access to over 1M contacts through curated lists that target most-likely buyers.

Social Media & 
Digital Marketing

Social media, retargeting and sponsored ads drive repeat traffic for increased conversion, customer satisfaction and partner brand recognition.

Continuous Funnel Optimization

FIMC's expert marketing team continually conductus user testing and analysis and optimizes customer engagement.

Leverage Our Proven Marketing Expertise

Our marketing and operations teams have significant financial services experience that enable our partners to maximize flow thru earnings.

Exceptional Member Experience. Turnkey Deployment.

Exceptional Member Experience

Insight-led member experience and digital engagement deliver optimum results.

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Seamless Integration. Low IT effort.

FIMC's flexible solutions makes it easy for you to begin earning recurring revenue at scale.

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Ongoing Training & Development

We provide comprehensive training support and micro-learning, ensuring that your internal teams are able to fine tune customer communications and boost sales.

Micro-Learning Repository

Your team gets access to a comprehensive library of micro-learning modules, translated into English, Spanish and French.

Live Q&A & Role Play

Our experts will guide your team through live Q&A sessions and role play training scenarios to help maximize their success.

Product Use Cases & 
Job Aids

We provide your team with quick and easy reference materials, including clear and compelling product use cases.

Here’s what our partners are saying about us!

“I had a wonderful experience I had no hiccups at all...I absolutely love the service.”

Ashley B.
Modesto, CA

“The experience was great. The process was very easy and....the turnaround time for the reimbursement was very fast! I have no complaints!”

Shavon D.
Marbleton, GA

“We lost half our home in hurricane Ian. The $500 we received was a godsend. We really needed that.”

Michael F.
Fort Myers, FL

"Submitting my claim was easy. The website is user-friendly and using direct deposit for my reimbursement made [it] a very pleasant experience."

Adele D.
Philadelphia, PA

Proven Experience. Exceptional Service.

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