About FIMC

FIMC seeks to provide a safety net to individuals and families who wish to avoid the financial burden of common – but unexpected – life events. We exist to fill the gaps left by insurance and traditional auto club plans so that our members can enjoy complete peace of mind in any circumstance.

Roadside Assistance

Our unlimited towing and roadside assistance benefit ensures you’re never stranded on the side of the road. Whether you get a flat tire on the way home from work, or break down during a family trip, we get you back on the road – and save you money while we do it. Best of all, coverage follows the member, not the car, so you’re protected in most vehicle.

  • No limit to dollar amount covered
  • No limit on number of times you can use the service
  • We’ll tow up to 30 miles to your preferred repair facility
  • Members can use coverage no matter whose vehicle they’re traveling in
  • Use for accidents, breakdowns, winch-outs/extrication, battery replacements, fuel delivery, tire changes, and jump-starts

Auto Deductible Reimbursement

A lot can cause you to file a claim on your car insurance. An accident. A tree falling on your vehicle. Flooding, vandalization, backing into your driveway basketball hoop – you just never know when life’s hiccups will happen. But you do know there’s help with your auto insurance deductible. FIMC plans can reimburse up to $500 of your insurance deductible on covered claims. It’s just one more way we put cash back in your pocket. 

Auto Repair Reimbursement

Car trouble may disrupt schedules and complicate transportation, but it doesn’t have to bust your budget. Our Auto Repair Reimbursement benefit is designed to provide a financial safety net you can count on. We’ll reimburse up to 30% of the price of repairs back to you — up to $500 per membership year — so there’s one less stress when it’s time to settle the bill.

Get a discount AND a rebate when you use our Auto Care Discount Network. You’ll pay up to 15% less for service on top of your 30% rebate!

  • Extensive nationwide network of Preferred Partner locations
  • Discounts on scheduled maintenance, repairs, tires, batteries, and more
  • Includes repairs, enhancements, and routine scheduled maintenance

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