About Us

Since 1974, FIMC has been recognized as an industry leader committed in offering innovative products through financial institutions. With corporate offices located in Sarasota, Florida, FIMC's high performance standards carry through in the exceptional staff we employ.

As financial industries have evolved, demand continually surfaces for new products to meet the changing needs of consumers. Today, FIMC’s primary product lines are:

  • The Home & Auto Security Plan: A premium membership product offering an all encompassing product suite of savings and discounts for your home, auto, health, and travel needs.
  • The American Traveler Motor Club: A traditional auto club membership program geared for resale by automotive aftermarket retailers.
  • The Auto Plus Plan: An automotive motor club membership that offers a value based product suite of everyday discounts and services with a twist.

FIMC has earned a reputation for trust, service and expertise in marketing affinity membership programs that meet compliance requirements throughout the Unites States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.